CRANK 2 Directors Might Take On GHOST RIDER Sequel

The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog  is reporting that the co-directors of Crank 2, Brain Taylor and Mark Neveldine are in negotiations to take over the directorial reins of the Ghost Rider sequel, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

This would not be the first comic book related project the pair has been associated with. The men co-wrote this week’s Jonah Hex. The duo also co-wrote Crank 2 as well. No word as to whether they will be rewriting David Goyer’s script for the sequel.

The blog also reports that Nicolas Cage, who starred as the title character in the  2007 film, is in negotiations to reprise his role in what appears to be a direct sequel.

The original Ghost Rider was one of the worst comic book films to come out of in the last 20 years and only barely made its production budget back in its domestic release. However, if Columbia, who holds the right to the franchise, doesn’t keep it active, it would revert back to the Disney/Marvel conglomerate. Hence, we get a sequel.

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