First Look At THOR’s Odin And Loki

You know, it’s becoming an increasing trend that the biggest announcement that come out of San Diego Comic Con come before the Comic Con even begins.

For example, the first look the public gets at major characters in an upcoming comic book film or the fact said film will be in 3-D would be excellent news for the studio to save until their panel at Comic-Con. Then again, if the most recent news for said studio leading into Comic-Con is a nasty breakup with one of Hollywood’s most respected actors, they could probably use some positive spin to take people’s minds off it.

Marvel has released the first images of Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Tom Hiddleston as Loki from the upcoming Thor film in a new article on the Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex blog. In the same article, they release the information that the film and Captain America: The First Avengers will be shot for conversion into 3-D.

Click above image for a larger view.

I have to say, I like the costumes. They are the perfect mix of the Kirby and Simonson era’s of Thor. Although I was expecting Loki to look more trickster-ish, and less regal.

As for the 3-D thing, I am completely annoyed by that trend. Yes, we will probably be guaranteed one shot of Thor flinging his hammer and Cap throwing his shield directly at us, but that is not enough for me to fall in love with 3-D.

The article states that one of the focuses of the Comic-Con panel will be each director making their case for the 3-D process and to introduce members of their casts.

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