A Peek At Odin’s Throne Room

A new picture from Marvel Studio’s upcoming superhero adaptation Thor has just popped up and this one features the throne room of Odin, king of the Norse Gods. Click on the picture for a much larger look.

Although it’s a wide shot of the room, you can definitely make a lot of detail and pick out a few things that haven’t been seen before. To the far left is what appears to be Tom Hiddleston as the god of mischief Loki, complete with his horned helmet. I’m not sure whom the woman in front of him is. Perhaps Jaimie Alexander as Sif?

In the center, kneeling with his back to us is of course Chris Hemsworth as the god of thunder, Thor and Anthony Hopkins as his father Odin. I love the ornateness of his throne. And notice Odin’s two ravens – Huginn and Muninn – perched there?

On the far right it looks like two of the Warriors Three – closer to Odin’s throne is Tadanobu Asano as Hogun and behind him is Joshua Dallas as Fandral. (No Volstagg?)

I have to admit that I am liking the epic scope that director Kenneth Branagh has brought to the film, or at least to the bits that we have seen so far. With the San Diego Comic Con kicking off later this week, expect more Thor news to turn up in the barrage of reportage from the show.

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