Comic-Con News Round-Up: Sunday

Sunday is usually the off day for comic book conventions. It’s the least attended day, it’s usually when convention organizers have their “kid’s day” and also typically when comic book dealers slash their prices so they do not have to haul out all of their stock and take it back home.

For San Diego Comic-Con, it means for the most part that the movie news whithers up and blows away. Not a lot of movie news, but there were several things of interest.

ITEM!: While any video of the Captain America: The First Avenger panel on You Tube seems to stop before they come to the part where the footage is shown (or is fake), Bleeding Cool has a transcript of the clip. This is how it goes:  

 I was surprised to see a scene from Captain America: The First Avenger played at the panel earlier today seeing as they’ve only been filming for five days so I thought I send  report to you. At least we know what they’ve been shooting and what the general look of the movie will be. I’ve typed up my memory of what they’ve shown because it reveals some real surprises about this movie and how they are tying the movies together.

The scene starts inside a castle in Norway during the second World War. The nazis smash their way in and storm through the hole, absolutely filling the room. There were two guys inside and one of them was killed, the nazis get the other guy and drag him through the castle. He’s an older guy and obviously scared.

The nazis instruct this survivor to open a big sarcophagus and he is about to try when they are interrupted. Appearing first in shadow is Hugo Weaving. As he steps forward we see he isn’t the Red Skull yet. He’s dressed in an SS uniform. A real sharp dressed man.

The old survivor seems to know who Hugo Weaving is. Weaving says he based his voice on Wenrern Herzog and I could kinda hear this when he said “It took me a long time to find this place”.

Weaving pushes the top off of the sarchophagus with super strength. Inside is a skeleton just as you’d expect. The twist is – it’s holding the cosmic cube. At least it looked like the cosmic cube. What else could it be?

Here’s the most interesting bit: Weaving calls this cube “the jewel of Odin’s treasure room”. Then he realizes it isn’t and it’s just a fake, so he smashes it. He now looks at a door way in the wall. Carved on this is Yggdrasil, the “world tree” from Norse myth and, of course, Thor.

Somehow, Weaving knows how to open a secret panel in the door so he does and finds the real cosmic cube. It glows blue.

The old man warns Weaving that this cube is not for normal men, to which Weaving said “Exactly!” with a big, evil grin and the clip ended.

Overall, it was looking pretty good. Especially for just one week’s work.

They also showed a trailer made out of old War clips and a costume test and that ended with Chris Evans throwing his shield. It went by too quickly to judge really but the costume looked just like the concept art.

My name is Bruce.

ITEM!: Marvel also revealed Cap’s Shield to attendees:

And also, in a possible spoiler for all the Marvel movies to come, Thanos’ favorite handgear, the Infinity Gauntlet:

What is the Infinity Gauntlet you may ask? Well, I’d tell you, but Kevin Melrose at Spinoff Online has already done it already, so I’ll let him tell you:

Created by Jim Starlin, Thanos is a Death-obsessed Eternal bent on genocide and galactic conquest. The Infinity Gems — initially called the Soul Gems — are six immensely powerful stones, each granting its bearer with mastery over one aspect of the universe: Mind, Reality, Time, Space, Soul and Power. Combined on the Infinity Gauntlet, they make the user omnipotent.

Does this mean Thanos will be the big bad guy in the Marvel films? Not necessarily. But it’s possible.

ITEM!: Warner Brothers, not to be out done by Marvel, brought along a prop from their Green Lantern film. They showed us…um..the corpse of Abin Sur.

I am of two minds about this. I’m not really comfortable with something being billed as a corpse being displayed at Comic-Con. I know, I’ve worked at a haunted house and this thing is a probably just a rubber sculpture. And you can probably by whole skeletons just a few rows over. But this “corpse” is based on a real actor–who was probably signing autographs in another area of the building. That’s kind of creepy.

On the other hand, I love the strategically placed drop cloth. Because when government scientists do autopsies on aliens who crash land on Earth, they always respect their modesty.

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Rich Drees
July 26, 2010 9:42 am

I am intrigued as to how they’re going to fit the Infinity Gauntlet into THOR. I have a feeling that they’ll change its background to an object of Asgardian origin and Loki gets up to some mischief with it.