GL Roundup: Alien Sneak Peek & Sequel Writer

This past weekend, rumors started floating that Warner Brothers was looking at the idea of producing not one, but two sequels to their not-yet-released comic book adaption Green Lantern. They had already hired writers Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim to begin developing a story for a second film earlier this summer, so there was at least some commitment to a second film while principal photography on the first film was still underway.

Warners has now committed further to a sequel by hiring Michael Goldenberg to pen it. Presumably he will be working from the story developed by Berlanti, Green and Guggenheim, though the Variety story announcing the hiring does not mention the three other writers. Previously, Goldenberg has worked on Contact, Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix and Where The Wild Things Are, in addition to having done a polish on the first Green Lantern screenplay.

In the film, Ryan Reynolds will play a test pilot Hal Jordan who is recruited to join an interstellar police force known as the Green Lanterns. Frustratingly for fans is the fact that no official pictures of many of the myriad of aliens who compose the Green Lantern Corps have shown up yet. (Even though we are still ten months out from the film’s release.) Outside of a few photos of the prop corpse of Jordan’s predecessor, we’ve only seen some concept art for some of the rest.

The folks over at Comic Book Movie have some art which they say is the final design for the alien Green Lantern Kilowog. While it does keep in general with the design of the character, I think he looks a bit thoughtful and maybe even introspective for the being who is the Corps’s tough-as-nails drill sergeant. (Click on the picture below for a bigger look.)

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