First Look: CAPTAIN AMERICA’s Costume And Shield, More

It’s the one bit of costuming that fans of comic book films have been anxious to see – that of patriotic hero Captain America in director Joe Johnston’s upcoming World War Two-era set adaptation. Well, thanks to some paparrazzi stalking some location for Captain America: The First Avenger in England, we get our first good look. (Click on each picture for larger image.) The man under the helmet is a stunt man, not actor Chris Evans. And check out the armaments that Cap’s bike is supporting!

Not surprisingly, the costume recalls the look that Cap sports in Marvel Comics’ “Ultimates” line of books and matches up with the costume designs that hit the web back at the beginning of the summer. While things look a little bit “plastic-y” to me, this could be down to the fact that these are basically set photos and won’t necessarily reflect how the costume will look in the film.

Not only do we get a look at Cap racing along on a motorcycle, we also get to see who he might be chasing/being chased by. If you don’t recognize the logo on the car and motorbikes, ask your nearest comics geek…

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