NYCC 2010 Photo Parade

As always, there are plenty of sights to see at the New York Comic Con. Armed with a camera but never enough time, we’ve tried to capture some of those film-related views for you – from cosplayers to con guests.

You've made in New York when you see your name up in lights.
Wow, what's billionaire industrialist Tony Stark doing at NYCC?
OK, now I see why Stark showed up.
Rob Corddry stopped by on Friday night to sign a few autographs.
You have to admire someone rocking a SUCKER PUNCH costume months before the movie hits.
FBOL honcho Rich Drees chatting with SUPER SIZE ME director Morgan Spurlock.
M Night Shyamalan at his first convention appearance ever discussing the 10th anniversary of his film UNBREAKABLE.
R2 Crossing 11th Avenue
Chicks dig the bow tie.
The family that cosplays together, stays together.
Look out behind you!!
Don't you dare steal anything from this retailer!
Bruce Campbell wins the award for best dressed con guest.

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