Zooey Deschanel For SPIDER-MAN Reboot?

And the Spider-man reboot casting news keeps on coming. This time it appears as if the film’s director Marc Webb is turning out to his 500 Days Of Summer star Zoey Deschanel to fill in the supporting role of Betty Brant.

For those only familiar with the Spider-Man mythos through Sam Raimi’s previous film trilogy, Betty is more than just Daily Bugle publisher J Jonah Jameson’s harried secretary. In the early years of the comic book series, Betty was also a sometimes girlfriend of Peter Parker, before their relationship evolved into one of close friends.

Given the star status of Deschanel, it looks as if the part will not be as small as it was in the previous films and that Webb is looking to use the character more in the way of the comics. Could poor Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) find himself in a love triangle between Betty and Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone)? We should all be so unlucky.

We should note that this story originates back at Showbiz Spy, whose track record has not always been the greatest, so let’s take this with the pre-requisite grain of salt.

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