Trejo States MACHETE Sequel Already Written

One of the dangers of ending a movie with the promise of a sequel is poor box office performance dictating that the promise will not be fulfilled. While it is a certainty that James Bond will always return, even if that return is delayed by studio financial difficulties, there are probably a few folks out there who are disappointed that they never got to see Buckaroo Banzai Vs The World Crime League or Dr. Detroit 2: The Wrath Of Mom.

When Robert Rodriguez and co-director Ethan Maniquis’s grindhouse throwback Machete ended, I was pretty sure that its promise of back-to-back sequels – Machete Kills and Machete Kills Again – were tongue-in-cheek nods to exploitation sequels like Shaft’s Big Score. But much the same way that Rodriguez’s original Machete faux-trailer in 2007’s Grindhouse went on to be expanded into a real film, it looks like we may actually get to see at least Machete Kills in the future as Machete star Danny Trejo has told Bloody Disgusting that Rodriguez has already scripted the potential follow-up.

I asked him when he was going to write it and he says it’s written, so we can get started pretty quick… We went all over the world with that movie and people kept having me sign these Machete action figures, it was a lot of fun. I don’t even think Robert Rodriguez even expected that reception and now everyone is waiting for Machete 2 so hurry up Robert Rodriguez!

While Machete was made for a relatively low cost, it didn’t set the box office on fire either. It remains to be seen if studio 20th Century Fox is interested in staying in the Machete business, but I for one am hoping that they are.

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