ALIEN Prequel Roundup: Cameras And Giger’s Possible Return

A couple of news tidbits about Ridley Scott’s upcoming Alien prequel popped up over the weekend – One that’s probably only interesting to tech geeks and one that should thrill all of the franchise’s fans.

The tech news first.

Dariusz Wolski, the cinematographer Scott has brought on board for the film, will be shooting in 3D using the RED Epic digital camera that Peter Jackson will be using for The Hobbit and Marc Webb is using on Spider-Man. RED Digital Cinema chief Jim Jannard released the following statement from Wolski on Friday

I am going to use Epics in my new project directed by Ridley Scott. I am amazed with the quality of the image and the fact that you can shoot 5k at 120fps without compromising resolution, and most of all the size of the camera. Combined with the Element Technica Atom 3d rig, we will be able to shoot a 3d movie with the flexibility of a conventional cinema camera.

Wolski is coming off of shooting his first native 3D production, Disney’s new Pirates Of The Caribbean film, so presumable his learning curve on that project will inform what he does with the Alien prequel. Wolski also shot Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland, though I think with how rushed the post-production conversion of that film to 3D at the less than impressive results can be laid at his feet.

And when Wolski turns on those cameras, could he be photographing new Alien creations from the man who created the first terrifying killer xenomorph back in 1979? He very well could be if the report from fansite AVP Galaxy (via Bleeding Cool) has any validity. (AVPG apparently picked it up from this Austrian news site)

Translated, the news story reads –

H R Giger, creator of Alien figure for the 1979 film by Ridley Scott will be incurred, the director once again to work with. This confirmed the wife of the Swiss artist, Carmen Scheifele, in the TV show Glanz & Gloria on Swiss television. Her husband was “on board”, that is it, “said Scheifele. It will certainly be a 3D film, but probably two. The plan was a prequel, the story before the first Alien film tells the.

Ridley Scott takes over directing
“The film is very brutal, be very nasty,” said Scott to his movie plans. “The film is very brutal, be very nasty,” said Scott to his movie plans. A few months ago it was announced that Ridley Scott, who has for the first part of Alien was responsible, not only as producer but also as director of Alien 5 will be active. As might be expected to be the multi-part prequel in 3-D planned. The plot is located in the year 2085, 30 years before the events around Lt. Ripley.

Oscar for visual effects
HR Giger in February, celebrated his 70th Birthday. In his native Switzerland, was opened on the mountain country in Sarnen, Canton Obwalden last Sunday, an exhibition of his works. Giger was located next to the design for the film Alien, which earned him an Oscar in 1980 for visual effects, especially with its dark surrealistic dream landscapes a name. Later he was also involved in film projects such as Poltergeist II and Alien II. On several occasions, and record covers by Giger excellent, among others, those for Debbie Harry (“Koo Koo”), as well as for Emerson, Lake and Palmer (“Brain Salad Surgery “).

I would say that this is definitely good news for this project. Presumably, he’ll be working one designing the film’s “Engineers,” the alien race that the first film’s “Spacey Jockey” belongs to, which Giger also designed.

It should be pointed out though, that there has been no confirmation of this initial report of Giger’s return, so for right now I would treat this with a grain of salt until we hear otherwise.

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