THOR Gets An AVENGERS Cameo (Spoiler)

If you don’t want to know which member of the Avengers may show up in this summer’s upcoming Thor film before they officially join forces in 2011’s The Avengers, you may want to skip over this story, because that’s exactly what you’ll find out if you keep reading. (You may also want to just avoid the internet for the next day or two until everything dies down, what with so many sites trumpeting the spoiler in their headlines.)

If you’re still with us, you will probably be excited to know that The Wrap is reporting that Jeremy Renner, who will be playing the archer Hawkeye in The Avengers, has a cameo set for Thor. Their source is vague on details and didn’t elaborate how big or small the appearance is or exactly what happens in the scene(s) Renner is in, but The Wrap is taking his word as confirmation of the on-again/off-again rumor of Hawkeye making an appearance inĀ  the Kenneth Branagh directed film.

So let the speculation begin. Will we see Hawkeye, aka Cliff Barton, in his traditional purple costume, or something more akin to the black outfit he wears in Marvel’s The Ultimates series? My guess would be probably his Ultimates garb as that seems to be where Marvel Studios is taking many of their creative cues from. Will we see him as a carnival performer, an agent of SHIELD, a criminal or something else?

We’ll find out whatever the truth is on May 4, when Thor hits theaters.

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