Alex De La Iglesia’s Latest To Star Salma Hayek

Spanish director Alex De La Iglesia is currently preparing to shot his next film, The Spark Of Life, in the next couple of weeks in Cartagena and Madrid. Joining hims will be actors Salma Hayek and a Spanish television comic actor Jose Morta as the leads of its story of “a PR man in trouble”. The drama’s screenplay is by Tango And Cash scripter Randy Feldman, though no details have leaked out yet.

Unfortunately, De La Iglesia is not much of a known quantity outside of a small circle of cinema fans here in the United States. This new film will very probably be in Spanish, like a majority of his output, and I hate to think that this will probably limit distribution of Spark Of Life to film festivals and a home video release at best.

Could the presence of a known American star like Hayek get the film better exposure here in the States? One would think so, until you remember that De La Iglesia’s only English-language film, 2008’s The Oxford Murders which starred Elijah Wood and John Hurt, and  didn’t get a chance to make much of a stir, having only been released in two American theaters.

Via Bleeding Cool.

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