Rumor: JURASSIC PARK 4 IS Currently In Production?

It’s been a while since a Jurassic Park 4 rumor has circulated, so I guess it’s time for a new round.

Behind The Thrills is reporting that a fourth installment to the popular cloned-dinosaurs-ruin-a-theme-park franchise is secretly in production at Universal Studios in Hollywood. They are reporting that a visitor to Universal Studio’s snapped a photo showing that the project has some sound stages already assigned to it.

This doesn’t look like a photoshopped picture to me. So we are left with a couple of options as to where the truth may lie. First off, and most likely in my opinion,it may have been a joke played by an Universal Studio tour employee.

However, it may be that JP 4 is starting to gear up for production and the stages have been reserved for use later this year. Now last we heard, director Joe Johnston was set to helm Jurassic Park 4, and he is currently still working on the post-production of this summer’s Captain America: The First Avenger so presumably not available to begin work on the film. Is it going forward without him or will they wait until his time frees up this summer to begin work in earnest. It would seem strange that they would reserve stages for almost half a year in advance of their use, though.

Until we get further information, I would say let’s keep this news strictly in the rumor category for the time being.

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