Steve Zaillian Still Working On TIMECRIMES Remake

One of the projects that was thought to have been scuttled in the midst of MGM’s financial problems of the past few years was a remake of the Spanish time travel thriller TimeCrimes. Writer/producer Steve Zaillian had the project set up at United Artists, whose output was distributed by MGM, but things stalled as MGM’s struggled through the bankruptcy process.

And even though MGM has finally managed to get their fiscal affarirs in order, Zaillian and TimeCrimes have moved on to Dreamworks where the project is in active development. According to Deadline, Zaillian is working on a new draft of the script for the studio. While the project was at United Artists, Zaillian oversaw Tim Sexton as screenwriter.

Director Nacho Vigalondo taut thriller centers on a man who sees a woman running through the woods and, following her, discovers a laboratory with a machine that sends him back in time by one hour. To tell you anymore would be to spoil the twists and turns that the film takes.  In fact, the film is so well constructed, I am at a loss as to how Zaillian could possible improve upon it. Perhaps the best thing for him to do is just directly translate Vigalondo’s original screenplay and shoot that?

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