No J Jonah Jameson In The SPIDER-MAN Reboot?

In case you’ve been wondering why in all the cast announcements for the upcoming Spider-Man reboot you haven’t seen an actor named to play Peter Parker’s cigar chomping boss, Daily Bugle publisher J Jonah Jameson, it turns out that there’s a reason for that.

It turns out that it isn’t because the production hasn’t cast the role yet so much as the character isn’t in the film. IGN is reporting that there will be no J Jonah Jameson in at least this installment of Spider-Man.

So what does this mean to the film’s storyline? Well, Peter could still be working as a photographer for the Bugle, just not interacting with Jameson. From a real-world perspective that does make a certain amount sense. A freelancer would never, except under extraordinary circumstances, report directly to a publisher. There’s two or three intermediaries in the usual chain of command between the two. Of course, a freelancer repeatedly showing up with great pictures of the thing that probably sells the most papers on any given day may just get him a meeting with said publisher.

The prospect that there will be no one yelling “Parker!” around the cigar clenched in their teeth is a bit disappointing though. I doubt that the character will be abandoned entirely from this new take on the franchise and we will probably see him in a sequel.

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