Really? Harvey Weinstein Wants To Edit KING’S SPEECH For PG-13?

It’s well known that an Academy Award nomination means an extra boast and an Oscar win more so. But the fact that The King’s Speech earned 12 Academy Award nominations yesterday will shirley doesn’t seem to be enough for Weinstein Company honcho Harvey Weinstein.

The LA Times is reporting that Weinstein is readying a plan that would re-edit the film eliminating a string of “f-bombs” that earned the film an R rating in order to get the film a more audience-friendly PG-13. Currently the film has a rating of 12A in England, a rating similar to the United States’s PG-13 and has been number one at the Great Britain box office for the last three weeks. Weinstein hopes that the lower rating will have a similar effect post-Academy Awards when an edited version of the film would be available to be released into theaters.

The British numbers are huge because the rating lets families see the movie together. [King’s Speech director] Tom [Hooper] and I are trying to find a unique way to do this that keeps his vision of the movie.

Of course, Weinstein’s argument conveniently ignores the fact that a dramatization of recent British history might have more of an interest to English family audiences than American ones.

And let not the irony be lost that Weinstein had fought the MPAA ratings board over the rating for King’s Speech, hoping for a PG-13 rating without having to cut the offending language. While he may put on a great show about fighting for the rights of filmmakers to get their unadulterated work seen by as big an audience as possible, he is more likely to be concerned with doing whatever he needs to get a film in front of as many ticket-buying people as he can.

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