New Releases: February 11

The Eagle (Focus Features, 2,296 Theaters, 114 Minutes, Rated PG-13): After the success of 300, Hollywood in typical fashion green lit a bunch of films with warriors fighting with shields and swords, thinking that obviously they would be the same as Zack Snyder’s adaptation of the Frank Miller comic.

Of course, as always happens, these period epics didn’t capture much of what made 300 special, and died a quick death at the box office.

This film has to be near the tail end of this trend, as it features a Roman soldier in search of a golden eagle to restore his family’s honor. There are a lot of similarities with all the films that came before it, but seems to lack the fun and style that made 300 a hit.

Gnomeo And Juliet (Disney, 2,994 Theaters, 84 Minutes, Rated G): So, this is Romeo and Juliet played out with garden gnomes.

It’s an interesting concept for a kids movie. The voice cast is out of this world. And anything that introduces Shakespeare to a younger generation is a very good thing.

But somehow I think that there will be a happy ending at the end of this one. And I seem to recall that the original play didn’t end all that happy. But then again, the original didn’t star lawn sculptures either. So, I really have no idea how good this film is going to be.

Just Go With It (Sony/Columbia, 3,548 Theaters, 110 Minutes, rated PG-13); So, I have a love hate relationship with Adam Sandler. I like more of his movies than I care to admit, but I find when he acts like a impudent man child to be unbearable. Almost all of his films have this quality to some extent, so I never know how I am going to respond to a Sandler film.

This film features an Adam Sandler who is at the very least immature, although not so much that he constantly makes funny faces or speaks in a funny voice.

Sandler plays a bachelor that uses a fake wedding ring to pick up chicks in bars. He finally meets who he thinks is Ms. Right. The only catch is that she wants to meet this “wife” of his. He convinces a friend to stand in, and then it comes out that there are kids in the equation. Now he has to get the kids to fall in line with his story if he ever hopes to keep his dream girl.

Oh, and apparently Nicole Kidman has a cameo in it. That should be interesting.

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (Paramount, 3,105 Theaters, 105 Minutes, Rated G): And now, a documentary on Justin Bieber.

Since I am not a tween girl, I could really care less about this film. I mean, what has he done to deserve a documentary? Not much to my knowledge. But people who love him really love him. So this could be like money in the bank.

For those of you who love movies and feel angry that such tripe is clogging up the cineplex and taking space away from more deserving films, relax. The movies have always jumped on fads when there is a buck to be made. If it wasn’t for Justin Bieber, then your favorite movie would have been bumped for Adam Sandler or garden gnomes. Let the kids have some fun.

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