TOMB RAIDER Heading Back To Theaters In 2013

Tomb Raider Lara Croft is on track to be heading back to theaters for 2013. Producer Graham King’s GK Films has picked up the film rights to the popular 1990s video game in hopes of relaunching the brief film franchise that was originally spun off with Angelina Jolie in the title role.

On King’s resume is the recent action thriller The Tourist, which also starred Jolie, so I suppose that there is a possibility that the actress could come back for a third go-round as the buxom titular adventuress. However, according to a report in the Hollywood Reporter‘s Heat Vision blog, the producers may be looking at starting the series with an “origin story” for Miss Croft, which may preclude Jolie’s participation. A new video game that also deals with Lara Croft’s origins is said to be in the works.

I was unaware that the world was clamoring for another Tomb Raider film, but maybe they know something that I don’t. Paramount had some success with their two films, though critics weren’t particularly kind to them. I suppose if done right, the films could be a fun, female-variant on Indiana Jones. But of course that is with the caveat of “if done right.”

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