Geoffrey Rush Lending Voice To GREEN LANTERN

Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush will be lending his voice to one of the alien characters in the upcoming comic book adaptation Green Lantern.

Rush will be voicing the CG character of Tomar-Re, an alien member of the inter-galactic police force that Ryan Reynold’s Hal Jordan finds himself inducted into. Introduced in the comics in 1961, the beak-faced Tomar-Re was the first member of the Green Lantern Corps that Hal met after he was given a Corps power ring by another dying member. Tomar-Re served as a teacher and mentor to Hal, helping him to learn how to use the ring and master its amazing abilities.

In addition to the picture to the right, you can catch a glimpse of Tomar-Re in the teaser trailer below. Hopefully there will be more of him to see when the first full Green Lanter trailer debuts in May when it is scheduled to be attached to Thor.

Green Lantern hits theaters on June 17 and marks the first time that a DC Comics superhero who isn’t Batman or Superman* has made it to the big screen. It certainly won’t be the last if their corporate sibling Warner brothers gets their way. In addition to a third Christopher Nolan-helmed Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, the studio is currently developing a Flash film and the superhero team-up The Justice League.

Via LA Times Hero Complex.

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