IDW Launches GHOSTBUSTERS Ongoing In September

One of the hardest things to do when adapting a movie or television series into a comic book series is capturing the tone of the original work. And when that tone is set by such unique comic personalities such as Bill Murray, Dan Akyroyd and Harold Ramis, your job is only that much harder.

I don’t say that so much as an excuse for comic publisher IDW’s recent run of Ghostbusters one shots and mini-series not living up to the comedic levels of the original film but to commend them for taking on such a herculean task in the first place and to congratulate them on doing as entertaining a job as they have done so far. While I don’t think that they’ve all measured up to the comedy level of the films they’ve presented a series of fun adventures that generally live up to their absurdity level.

It appears as if those minis and one-shots were just the publisher warming up for something bigger. According to this piece of released advertising art it looks as if the publisher will be launching a full-on on-going Ghostbuster series this fall. We’ll see if it lives up or even exceeds what we’ve seen so far from the publisher.

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