Live Action DIRTY PAIR Movie Seeking Studio

Outside of anime and manga circles, Haruka Takachiho’s Dirty Pair is probably not a very well known property. But that may change if a new attempt to bring the adventures of the two overly enthusiastic, if somewhat reckless, futuristic troubleshooters to the big screen.

Word is starting to spread (via It’s On The Grid) that a screenplay for a live action adaption of the series has just begun to make the rounds, looking for a studio interested in funding the film. The screenplay is by Dan Antoniazzi and Ben Shiffrin, the writers of Heartstopper, a spec script that appears to be a romantic comedy but is actually a serial killer thriller. Heroes star and noted fanboy Masi Oka is attached to the script as a producer and potential director, so there’s a good indication that this would be a faithful adaption.

Blending comedy, adventure and more than a bit of cheesecake, the Dirty Pair are Kei and Yuri, agents of the World Welfare Work Association. Frequently assigned to chase down nefarious criminals, the Pair often leave a trail of extensive property damage in their wake.

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August 30, 2015 4:50 pm

I am a huge fan of dirty pair and part of me hopes to see this movie and another part of me hopes to meet masi oka.