Alex Winter Talks BILL AND TED 3 Script

Last week at this time, we knew that Alex Winter, one half of those most excellent time travelers Bill and Ted, had received a copy of the proposed screenplay for a third Bill And Ted film and was settling down to give it a read. Did he like it?

Well, our correspondent Rich Z had a few moments to talk to Winter this weekend at the Chiller Theatre autograph show in New Jersey and this is what he had to report –

Well, I asked Winter what he thought of the script and while he didn’t go into any details, he said that it was a first draft but it looked good. He did state that the movie wasn’t a done deal though. When I asked him about working around the loss of George Carlin he said, “I miss George but by the second movie his character was becoming superfluous.” He definitely said that they wouldn’t recast the part.

He also mentioned that he hadn’t heard anything on the remake of Rock And Roll High School that he was hired to write a draft of for Howard Stern’s production company back in 2008 since he turned his work.

Winter also said that they’re looking at putting out his 1991 MTV sketch series The Idiot Box out on DVD and that they will be shooting new episodes as well.

Well, while we have no confirmation about the reports that the story concerns Bill and Ted stressing that they still haven’t written the song that will change the world that they are destined to write, it does sound like Winter may be happy enough with what he read for writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon to continue forward pending approval from Winter’s Bill And Ted’s co-star Keanu Reeves. Hopefully, Reeves won’t pull a Bill Murray on this.

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