Brendan Fraser Set To Play WILLIAM TELL

Brenden Fraser has signed on to Nick Hurran’s historical action film William Tell: 3D in the title role of the famous 14th century archer.

While Tell is probably best known as the man who shot an apple off of his son’s head with an arrow and as the guy whose name is on the Lone Ranger’s theme song, in Europe he is more remembered for helping to found Switzerland by leading the rebellion against the Austrain Empire.

The film’s producer, Todd Moyer, had this to say in a press release on Fraser’s casting –

There is no other actor who is more perfectly suited to be the patriot and family man that is William Tell. Brendan was the driving force behind the movie being shot in 3D. He’s a witty, charming and very likeable action hero, and he really anchors the ensemble cast.

The project is also currently in negotiations with Anna Paquin and Til Schweiger for the roles of Tell’s wife Zora and Hapsburg monarch, Hermann Gessler.

I would agree with Moyer that Fraser is an affable enough screen presence, and I’ve often enjoyed him in films that were otherwise stinkers. But I have to wonder if that’s the screen personality you want for the story of the many for who many is the European equivalent of George Washington.

The production hopes to be rolling by October 1 with location shooting planed for Romania and Switzerland.

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