Charlie Hunnam In Talks For Del Toro’s PACIFIC RIM

Will being cast in Pacific Rim propel Charlie Hunnam to stardom?

It’s hard to say. Hunnam’s star has been slowly rising for a while, ever since he first received notice in the original British version of Queer As Folk. Currently the British actor has been busy with the critic-fave FX series Sons Of Anarchy. But he has yet to play a star-making role in a big budget feature film, though director Guillermo Del Toro’s big-budgeted film may be the vehicle for that to happen.

Hunnam is currently in negotiations to join the film’s cast, though details about his character are scant. We do know that Travis Beacham’s script for Pacific Rim involves an alien force using giant monsters as a vanguard to their invasion and the countries of Earth banding together to repel them through the use of human-piloted giant robots. It’s a good bet that Hunnam will be playing one of the robot pilots.

Yes, the film’s story sounds like a plot-line devised by a group often year old boys playing with a chestful of assorted toys. But with Del Toro at the helm, it could shape itself into something with a wider appeal. And it will be nice to see Del Toro finally getting into production on a new project after devoting so much time to first The Hobbit and then to At The Mountains Of Madness, only to see him leave the former over delays caused by MGM’s bankruptcy and to have the latter project fall apart due to a disagreement with Universal over the film’s budget and projected rating.

Via Deadline.

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