Spoiler: THE AVENGERS Has Another, As-Yet-Unannounced Villain

When Latino Review told us that the enemies for The Avengers would be Loki and an alien race believed to be the Skrulls, we thought that the two could be a challenge worthy of the Avengers coming together to combat–a for to big to handle on their own.

Of course, after seeing Thor, we see that Loki can be easily handled by the Thunder God all by his lonesome. And aliens, even if they are shape shifting ones, aren’t really much of a threat. Heck, Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum were able to take out a fleet all by themselves.

Well, Latino Review is back and it appears the threat level has been upped. A new bad guy has apparently been added to the roster, and the first clue as to his identity was given us back in the last Sunday of the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.

The glove on the right, as any Marvel Zombie can tell you, is the Infinity Gauntlet. It is encrusted with what are called Infinity Gems, jewels of extraordinary power. These gems brought together in this gauntlet can give its wearer unlimited power, from time travel to teleportation, from mind control to re-altering the very fabric of reality itself. Whoever wears the Infinity Gauntlet is a major threat. And who is the comic book baddie most famous for wearing the gauntlet and who Latino Review says will be wearing it in The Avengers?

That would be a character named Thanos, one of the biggest bad guys in the whole Marvel Universe.

The comic book Thanos is from a super powered race called the Eternals. He has an unnecessary amorous fixation on the personification of Death, and is willing to do anything to prove his love to her, even killing half the universe.

Thanos is a villain of great stature and importance in the Marvel Universe, and has fought the Avengers a number of times. Depending on how he is portrayed, he is most definitely a threat that Thor, the Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America would need to team up to face.

But that is an important point–how he will be portrayed. The gauntlet seems to be of Asgardian design. And there is also another object in the same power scale, the reality warping Cosmic Cube/Tesseract, which is set to be introduced in Captain America: The First Avenger. How these facts will play off one another will be interesting to see.  And what role Thanos plays in the whole thing is another reason to keep watching.

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