Ultraviolet Begins Licensing Technology For Digital Locker Service

Recently, we told you about Ultraviolet, the planned online cloud-based digital locker that would allow you to store purchased movies and television shows and have them available on any number of different streaming devices you may own from tablet computers to lap tops to phones to your television.

This week, the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), the consortium of content providers and hardware manufacturers behind the creation of Ultraviolet, have launched their licensing program for the system. Once licensed, manufacturers will be able to start supporting the system and allow users to upload to and stream content from their UltraViolet virtual libraries.

If all goes to plan, we can start seeing UltraViolet-supported content and devices on store shelves in the fall, with a big advertising push for the service this holiday shopping season.

The studios that have been investing in the development of UltraViolet through DECE are hoping that the system will stem the rise in consumers using online content streaming services like Netflix over purchasing DVDs and blu-ray discs by combining the aspects of ownership with the convenience of streaming.

Membership in the DEDC is not necessary for a manufacturer to become an UltraViolet licensee, but the group does consist of over 70 member companies who will undoubtedly sign on. The only conspicuous absentees from the list are Disney and Apple, though spokespeople for DCDE feel that there will probably be support for the service on Apple devices

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