Marvel Studios Moving Forward With DOCTOR STRANGE?

Will Doctor Strange be the next of Marvel Comics superheroes to transition to the big screen?

Twitch is reporting that Marvel’s Master of the Mystic Arts is getting fast tracked to possibly be the next of their characters to make the jump from their comic book universe to their cinematic universe. They state that the studio is very happy with a screenplay for a possible Dr. Strange movie recently turned in by Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer. Pleased enough that they are in the process of contacting a number of potential directors to see if they can find one interested in signing on to ‘oversee continued development’.

If Marvel goes forward with a Dr. Strange film, it would open their shared cinematic universe to more mystical and magical elements than were already introduced in this summer’s Thor. In Thor, Marvel treated it’s Norse god characters as actually humanoid aliens whose technology was so advanced that it fulfilled the old maxim about being indistinguishable from magic. But I don’t see how they can continue that track with Dr. Strange. With this character they are going to have embrace the magical elements full on.

So when will see this film? Probably no sooner than 2013. Marvel Studios still has on the boards a third Iron Man film as well as second Thor and Captain America films as definite projects for the future. They have also been developing an Ant-Man film with director Edgar Wright and a possible movie based of their comic The Runaways.

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