Wilde Considering Lead In Lovelace Bio-Pic

Olivia Wilde has been a busy actress of late. This past weekend she appeared in the western science-fiction adventure Cowboys & Aliens, next weekend she’ll be playing a supporting role in the comedy The Change-Up and she’s finished five other films which will be rolled out over the next sixteen months or so.

Obviously, she is getting lots of projects offered to her, and EW is reporting that one of those future projects she is considering is a bio-pic of adult film star Linda Lovelace being put together by Howl co-directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman titled simply Lovelace. They quote the actress as saying –

It would be a tremendous honor. It’s such a cool role. She was a fascinating woman—with where she came from to Deep Throat to then working with Gloria Steinem and Nora Ephron. It’s really fascinating.

For those unfamiliar with Lovelace (and I tend to doubt those who say they are unfamiliar with her), Lovelace was the star of the 1970s adult film sensation Deep Throat, a film so popular it helped to launch the “porn chic” trend in the middle part of the decade. Following her porn work, Lovelace became a prominent member of the anti-porn movement in the 1980s, though she later stated that she felt used by several of those in the movement stating “they mention my name and all that, but financially they’ve never helped me out. […] They made a few bucks off me, just like everybody else.”

The film Deep Throat has already been the subject of a documentary, 2005’s Inside Deep Throat. There is also a second bio pic of the actress gearing up for a shoot later this year in Louisiana. Titled Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story it’s from writer/director Matthew Wilder, has Malin Akerman starring as Linda Lovelace (replacing Lindsey Lohan) and will also feature Sasha Grey, Matt Dillon and Paz de la Huerta in the cast.

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