In 2006, director Jonathan Levine made a much talked about debut as his stylish indie horror film All The Boys Love Mandy Lane did the film festival circuit. But the film has been missing in action since then, though through no fault of the director and much to consternation of horror fans desperate to see what everyone has been talking about.

The film was originally bought by the Weinstein Company for their Dimension Films banner, but they turned around and sold it to Senator Entertainment in the aftermath of the Robert Rodriquez-Quentin Tarantino double feature Grindhouse crashing and burning at the box office. Unfortunately, Senator itself soon folded, leaving the release of the film in limbo.

Levine just offered an update on Mandy Lane‘s status to Movies.com while he was out promoting his new film, the dramedy 50/50. He sounds optimistic that the film will get a release in the United States, just don’t ask him for a specific date.

Is it ever going to be shown in the US? Yes, I imagine it will be. I’m friends with the guys who financed the movie, and the movie’s in some bizarre, crazy … like, this hedge fund owns it as part of their defaulted assets, and they don’t care. It’s just a line on a spreadsheet to them, and we’re trying to get it back. I think it’s a pretty bad situation to be in. I’m sure eventually we’ll have annoyed them to the point that they’ll just sell it to us. I wish I could tell you — I’ve heard so many times that it’s close to happening, but at this point I have no good answer. It’s a very, very sad story.

Things aren’t entirely bleak for fans who wish to see the film, though. Mandy Lane has been released in several foreign countries and if one has an all-region DVD or blu-ray player should be able to import the film with no problem.

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