More AVENGERS Location Pics And Video (Spoilers!)

Location production on Marvel Studio’s The Avengers continued through this week a on the section of Cleveland’s East Ninth Street which had been transformed into a Manhattan thoroughfare. Previously we saw some explosions being filmed and Chris Evans as Captain America fighting some stunt guys in motion capture suits.

Late this week Evans was joined by cast member Chris Hemsworth as Thor and the two continued the fight. Also showing up in the photos and video footage from the last couple of days is what looks to be a small crashed spaceship of some sort. Combined with the strange weapon we saw Evans holding in some of the earlier set photos, I think it is fair to say that the reported rumors that the Avengers would be fighting off an alien invasion are pretty much true. I would say that the use of stunt guys in motion capture suits points to those aliens being the perennial Marvel Comics bad guy alien race the Skrulls, whose shape-shifting ability would suggest being realized through CG.

The first two videos appear to be two different views of the same shot, complete with a bit of Chris Evans mugging at the end. Click on all the photos for bigger versions and follow the links below for more photos.


Via CBM, SlashFilm and Splash.

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