Debunking The X-FILES 3 Rumor

In the last 24 hours or so there has been a bit of a buzz online that former X-Files star Gillian Anderson has confirmed that a third movie is in the works and that we would probably see it next year. Outside of that sounding a bit optimistic in terms of production schedule, I have to admit that I was skeptical. The source for the story was Australian television host Kylie Spears who had tweeted “Just interviewed Gillian Anderson…she is super stunning in real life and said she hopes a new #X-Files 2012 movie will be out next year!”, which sounded a bit more vague than how other internet outlets were discussing it.

Well, Bleeding Cool, the folks who broke the news of Spears’ tweet, did some follow up reporting and found video of the interview where Anderson sounds about as much in the dark about a third film as the rest of us.

We’re hoping to… that’s something that we’ve said fromt the beginning, that we’d be interested in doing it if it ever came up again. I know that there are some discussions about it, I have no idea at what stage. There might a script, or how interested Fox is in doing it. We’re all hoping that it’s something that might take place. But they better hurry. 2012, which is the perfect subject matter is coming up quickly.

So… There might be a film, someone at the studio might be talking about it and there might even be a script, though no one knows for sure. But, dare I say it, I’m sure that the truth is out there.

Personally, I would welcome a third X-Files film and 2012, what with its crazy “the Mayan calander runs out then!” nonsense that surrounds the year would be a good time to resurrect the franchise. Hopefully, when they do get around to a third film, it will turn out better than the disappointing second feature from 2007.

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