First Full Look: Anne Hathaway in Costume from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Set

While most of the Catwoman related news this week has about the character bumping poorly drawn uglies in the closing pages of Catwoman #1 comic book, which was released on Wednesday, there was another bit of Catwoman news that is sexier but quite less purient that might have been over looked.

Just Jared has a number of pictures of Anne Hathaway from the set of The Dark Knight Rises which gives us a better look of her in her Catwoman costume.

While picture of Hathaway in costume have been released, those shots had the costume obscured by the motorcycle she was riding. These shots give a clear view of the costume. And for those of you eagerly awaiting seeing Hathaway in a full body catsuit, well, you are probably not disappointed, are you?

This might be a case where the comic book costume looks more realistic than one in the “real world” setting for the Nolan Batman films. Both costumes are made out of skin-tight pleather/latex/rubber. However, the comic version, seen to the left, would be more like what a real life cat burgular would wear. It features a cowl and goggles in lieu of the more identity-revealing mask and cat ears combo of the film. And although you cant’ see them in the picture to the left, Catwoman shoes are boots with soles designed to provide the most traction. Typically, I’m not one to obsess over women’s footwear, but Selina Kyle’s criminal career would come to a painful, if not fatal, end if she attempted a fourth story job wearing those four-inch stilletos.

There are more pictures from the set below. The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled to open on July 20, 2012.



















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