RED DAWN Remake Will Finally Get Released

The long delayed remake of the 1984 fantasy war film Red Dawn finally has a distributor. We’ll get to see the Wolverines drive back foreign invaders sometime next year, thanks to the folks at FilmDistrict.

Originally shot in 2009, the film sat on a shelf for nearly a year while studio MGM went through a painful financial restructuring. The film, which featured an invasion of the United States by the Chinese, was furthered delayed when first MGM and then other distributors decided that they didn’t want to risk offending the Chinese government with the film.

To make the film a better sale, last winter the producers digitally altered the invaders to make them North Korean. China is fast becoming a very important market for Hollywood, while the government of North Korea allows no foreign films to be shown in their country. Never mind the ridiculousness of a nation as small as North Korea being able to stage a successful invasion of the United States.

Since the film was shot, its star, Chris Hemsworth, has become a much more marketable name thanks to his role in this past summer’s Thor. That, along with the already recognizable name, should help market the movie for FilmDistrict.

Shot on a budget of about $60 million, Red Dawn was directed by Dan Bradley, second unit director on the last two Bourne movies and the upcoming Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Via LA Times.

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