Three Cool New AVENGERS Pictures And One Crappy One

You can count on Entertainment Weekly for two things regarding comic book films. One, at least once or twice a year they’ll take a pot shot at the film genre, either through an opinion column, a snide throw-away comment in a news article, or in the text of an interview. Second, they will shamelessly promote each and every comic book movie that comes out with a big cover story, sometimes even a year before the comic book film comes out.

This love/hate relationship is exemplified by the cover of this week’s issue, which focuses on next year’s The Avengers.

I’m no expert at Photoshop, but then again, neither is the person who composed this cover. it’s blatantly obvious that these are six publicity stills stitched together. Did they have an intern work on the cover? Because they should have been told to work at trying to get the light sources to match up. I mean, really, there is a shine on the left side of Scarlett Johansson’s hair and on the right side of Chris Hemsworth’s head and that defies the laws of physics. Yeah, I know it might have been tough to get a picture of all six together, but you got to do better than this. This is the cover of the magazine for goodness sakes.

The rest of the pictures are of a better quality, and show Black Widow (Johansson)¬†and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) in action, a good look at Captain America’s (Chris Evans) new costume, and a behind the scenes of the cast and director Joss Whedon during a break.

Subscribers should be getting this issue tomorrow, and it should be on most newsstands by Monday.

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