Will The 23rd James Bond Film Be Called SKYFALL?

The producers of the James Bond franchise smartly love to play coy with the titles of each new film. It generates interest and gets people talking. The discussion today is the possibility that the film will be called Skyfall.

That’s what the folks over at What Culture seem to think and they actually have more than a British tabloid report to back up their claim. They discovered that a brand protection company working for Sony Studios recently registered the URLs for skyfall-themovie.net, jamesbond-skyfall.com as well as a number of other, similar titles. You can see the registration for JameBond-Skyfall.com here.

Since I can’t think of any immediate connection to the James Bond stories written by Ian Flemming that all the previous film titles shared, my first thought was that the title was actually for an upcoming video game, except for the fact that domain registration for a video game would very probably be done by Activision, the company who are currently publishing said games.

As for now, I’m going to put this rumor in the “Strongly Possible” column, which is something I didn’t say for rumors claiming that Bond 23 would be called Carte Blanche or Red Sky At Night.

Whatever it winds up being called, the twenty-third James Bond adventure is scheduled to start shooting later this for a November 2012 release.

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