Teaser Trailer: THE AVENGERS

I have to give the folks at Marvel Studios credit. The trailer which they released today for next summer’s The Avengers is certainly exciting enough. But if you’ve been following the production of the film all summer long, a lot of the images are ones we’ve already seen. But now, we’re getting to see them in motion. Salted between many of these familiar sights are some new things including Iron Man flying and Mark Ruffalo transforming into the Hulk. But what it doesn’t have, is a shot of all the Avengers together. Perhaps in the next one.

[jwplayer mediaid=”16614″]

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William Gatevackes
William Gatevackes
October 12, 2011 4:57 pm

My Two cents: 1. I liked it a lot! It filled a lot of expectations I had of it. 2. I did not expect, or think the trailer needs, shots of the whole team together or a glimpse ogf the Hulk. Filming has wrapped but the CGI effects are still being done. You have to be impressed with what we got, even though apparentky an old shot of Iron Man flying was reused in the spot. 3. We didn’t see a lot of Hawkeye, but he seems to be a badass. As long as he’s a wisecracking badass. 4. Loved… Read more »