And The Title For DIE HARD 5 Is…

A Good Day To Day Hard.

That’s what Twentieth Century Fox is calling the fifth Die Hard film in a press release announcing the movie’s February 14, 2013 release date.

John Moore will be directing Bruce Willis’s fifth go-round as police officer John McClane who always seems to find himself in the wrong place at the right time to stop a terrorist attack.

Not much is known about the storyline for the film outside of the fact that it will feature McClane’s son, John Jr and that it could very well be a globe-hopping adventure. Earlier, Willis had stated the he felt each Die Hard film should expand its scope, with the first being set in just a single building, the second on the grounds of an airport, the third throughout Manhattan and the fourth up and down the mid-Atlantic coast.

Personally, I think that expanding the setting with each film has been to the franchise’s detriment as it dilutes the tension that the first film had. But what do I know? Bruce Willis is a big time movie star and I’m only the guy whom he is dependent on to buy a ticket to his films.

I eagerly await the outer space setting of Die Hard 6 or In Space No One Can Hear You Die Hard.

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