NYCC 2011: David Gordon Green Still Working On SUSPIRIA Remake

David Gordon Green first started talking about his plan to remake Dario Argento’s classic horror film Suspiria back in 2008. He even had a script for the project at the time. At one point it looked like Natalie Portman would star as an American ballerina who discovers a witch’s coven in a German dance academy, but that iteration of the project fell apart and Portman had moved on to famously play a ballerina for Darren Aronofsky.

This weekend, at a New York Comic Con panel promoting the upcoming MTV animated series Good Vibes, which Green created, he did state that his Suspiria remake was very much still a project he’d like to do and hinted that he just needs to find the financing to get things rolling.

I was talking about casting just last night, so hopefully that will come together. I get excited about the idea of reliving all my 11-year-old fantasies and that was one of them, to make a great horror movie. And Suspiria is something that really planted a lot of seeds of inspiration that I’d like to indulge and follow up on. Hopefully, fingers crossed, someone will get behind me and support it. We’ll see.

So it sounds like the project is still right where it has been for a while, looking for financing. If Green is still thinking about casting, he is probably trying to find an actor to attach themselves to the project which should help in attracting someone to foot the bill for the movie.

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