Hasbro In Negotiations For TRANFORMERS 4, Other Film Projects Still Moving Forward

Given its huge box office success this past summer, it should not come as a surprise that toy manufacturer Hasbro is currently in discussions with Paramount Studios, director Michael Bay and producer Steven Spielberg over a potential fourth Transformers film.

During a quarterly earnings call Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner revealed that the company was exploring the possibility for another live action film based on their toy line of robots who can disguise themselves as various vehicles, adding that he hopes to have more concrete news in three months during the next earnings teleconference.

Goldner went on to state that the company’s plans to make films out of a number of their popular toy lines is moving forward. “We continue to actively develop a number of additional Hasbro films with great partners and writers, including Micronauts, Ouija, Candyland, Risk, Stretch Armstrong, Clue and Monopoly,” he stated.

Many of those planned projects, including Stretch Armstrong, Candyland and next summer’s Battleship, are being developed in conjunction with Universal Pictures. The studio recently passed on an adaption of Ouija with concerns about the film’s project budget being cited as the reason. Goldner announced that the script was currently being polished and he hoped it would be at a studio soon.

Goldner also confirmed that script development for a Micronauts film with producer JJ Abrams and for adaptations of Monopoly, Risk and Clue is ongoing.

Via The Hollywood Reporter.

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