Sony’s Making Two INDEPENDENCE DAY Sequels With Or Without Will Smith

Sony Pictures seems to be moving forward on finally getting some sequels to the 1996 hit alien invasion flick Independence Day made. Reportedly the film’s original producer and director team of Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin are close to finishing off scripts for a Part 2 and 3 and the studio is looking to go ahead with the films, with or without star Will Smith.

Vulture is reporting that while the loglines for the two scripts are being kept secret, they are two separate stories that while they can be watched independently of each other, still make up one bigger story. Emmerich and Devlin are expected to turn in their drafts to the studio sometime in December.

Sony is also looking to shoot the films back-to-back as a way of saving a few bucks on what is sure to be a rather expensive project.

Another way the studio might be looking to save some money is by going ahead with the films without Will Smith’s involvement. Reportedly the studio had approached the actor back in 2009 with the possibility of making two Independence Day sequels and the actor requested a $50 million paycheck. Given that Smith’s last two films were 2008’s less than successful Hancock and Seven Pounds, it’s possible that actor’s quote has dropped somewhat. But then again, the first Independence Day was the film that catapulted Smith’s movie career into the stratosphere, so he may think that he is entitled to a hefty payday.

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