Ridley Scott States New BLADE RUNNER Film “Liable To Be A Sequel”

When it was announced this past August that Ridley Scott would directing a new film set in the same universe of his groundbreaking classic Blade Runner, the big question seemed to be whether that story would be a sequel or a prequel. Scott has given us an answer to that question today in an interview with the Wall Street Journal in which he states the film is ““liable to be a sequel.”

In fact, Scott sounds like he is pretty far along already with the development of a story for the film stating, “I think I’m close to finding a writer that might be able to help me deliver… We’re quite a long way in, actually.” Whether that writer is the rumored Scott Z Burns or not still remains to be seen.

With Scott finishing up his “maybe-it’s-an-Alien-prequel-maybe-it’s-not” film Prometheus for next summer, it remains to be seen if this Blade Runner film will be his next project or not. The lack of a scriptwriter makes me think that Scott is probably a year off from rolling cameras on the film at the very least, which fits right in with producer Andrew Kosove’s estimate that the film wouldn’t get into production until 2013.

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