For me, Raiders Of The Lost Ark is one of those rarest of beats, a perfect film. There’s not a false note in symphony of action, humor, thrills and adventure. As a kid, it was the first movie I ever saw twice in a theater during its initial theatrical release and I have seen it numerous times on the big screen at various revival houses whenever I can. What’s amazing is that in this day and age when everyone has familiarized themselves with the film through countless viewings on home video theaters would still be packed for these revival screenings and they will still clap, laugh and cheer at all the same moments that audiences did back in 1982.

Jamie Benning, who plumbed the making of the original Star Wars trilogy in a series of three internet released documentaries, has turned to George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford’s first collaboration. As before, he is taking the film and editing in behind-the-scenes footage, interview clips and other material to present an in depth look at the film’s creation. Currently Raiding The Lost Ark is still a work in process, but Benning has posted the first seventeen minutes of the project online. Check it out-

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