24 Movie Could Be Shooting This Spring

The long discussed film spin-off of the the television series 24 may actually get in front of cameras next spring.

Deadline is reporting that The Wolverine writer Mark Bomback is doing some last rewrites and that once Twentieth Century Fox and Imagine can agree on a director from a current short list of five names, the film could be ready to shoot next April when series star Keiffer Sutherland has an available window in his schedule.

Premiering in the fall of 2001, each of the show’s eight season’s chronicled one 24 hour period in the life of Jack Bauer (Sutherland), an agent for a top secret government organization tasked with protecting the country from terrorist threats. Each hour-long episode was presented in roughly real time, making a season a 24 hour day.

There’s no other information as to which of any of the other characters from the show will be back for the film.

Setting my feelings about the show aside (I think it’s little more than neo-con porn that swipes style ideas from the original Thomas Crown Affair film), I have to wonder if a 24 filmĀ  can succeed outside of its main premise – that it is 24 hours of Bauer’s life presented in real time. Unless they’re planning on making the film 24 hours long, that is.

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