Sigourney Weaver Says She’ll Be Back For AVATAR Sequels

We’ve paraphrased Douglas Adams before when we’ve said that death is not the impediment that it used to be when it comes to science-fiction films. And for Sigourney Weaver, that means some additional paychecks for work on Avatar 2 and 3 even though her character didn’t survive to the closing credits in the original film.

Weaver has mentioned before that she is going to be returning to the two films, and she confirmed it once again to the Italian website Bad Taste while making an appearance at a film festival in Marrakech. Filtered back into English via Google translation, they quote the actress as saying-

I read early versions of the script, but I can not say anything else James Cameron comes here and kills me. I can say that I’ll be in both, we will turn them one after another and explore worlds that were not touched in the first episode… What is certain is that Cameron will begin filming in the new Avatar only after going underwater in a submarine that will build special purpose. I think it should go up to the Mariana Trench. Having put his hand on the Titanic for the 3D version has given him many ideas for narrative Avatar.

Well, I think we can figure out what she is saying here. There’s not really any new information, but we d get confirmation that Cameron is indeed looking to do some filming in the Mariana Trench.

As to how Weaver’s character will be back for the sequels, there remains some speculation. Some folks have argued that she’ll only be present in flashbacks, while others have speculated that Avatar left a pretty big option for her character’s return in the giant natural biomechanical computer that makes up of the alien planet Pandora’s ecosphere.

Via Bleeding Cool.

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