Moon Nazis Attack In IRON SKY Trailer

Some films have such an insanely audacious premise that you know deep down in your movie-loving soul that you have to see them as soon as possible. Iron Sky is such a film for me.

Word about the low level project has been floating around for some time mostly based on the project’s high concept of a lunar colony established in secret by the Third Reich launches a revenge strike on Earth seven decades after the end of World War Two. And now that the film is about to premier at the SXSW Festival next month before heading out onto the festival circuit, Energia Productions has released a full length trailer.

If this movie doesn’t promise us some gonzo, pulp-flavored thrills, I don’t know what movie ever will.

It’s hard not be impressed with what the trailer shows, given that the film was shot for something in the bargain basement range of $10 million. If the rest of the film looks as good as the two minutes on display here, I think we’re in for a real treat.

Of course, when I showed the trailer to my girlfriend, she sagely pointed out “Am I supposed to be rooting for the moon Nazis or the Sarah Palin clone? Because either way, I feel bad.”

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