Alex Winter Offers BILL & TED 3 Update

It’s been some time since we’ve last gotten an update on a possible return of Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter to the big screen in their iconic roles of Bill and Ted. Last spring Alex Winter stated that he had read a first draft script by Bill & Ted creators writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon for the project and liked it but that the film wasn’t a “done deal” yet. But for the ten months since then things have been silent.

Silent until Winter tweeted a little something about the project over the weekend, that seems to indicate that there has been a small bit of progress. In response to a question from Bill & Ted co-star George Carlin’s daughter Kelly, Winter stated –

I would assume that the “We” in “We love it” refers to Reeves and that he is also on board for returning for a sequel.

As for those who might give that required greenlight to get it into production – Given the film’s built-in audience and Reeves audience awareness, it should be an easy decision for the business-minded folks whowhomever it is that owns the rights to give the go ahead.

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