SKYFALL Spoilers: Some Set Pics Of Javier Bardem Plus His Character’s Name

The first pictures of Javier Bardem as the villain in the new James Bond film Skyfall have surfaced over the weekend. They are indeed a bit spoilerish, so we’ll hide them and some new details about his character, below a not so spoilerish set photo of Daniel Craig. As always, click on each photo for a larger view.

OK, so the filming was taking place at Whitehall, the street where a number of government buildings and offices are and which is considered to be the center of the British government. Judging by Bardem’s costume below, he is probably trying to sneak by Bond and the assorted gun-totting types after pulling off some sort of caper, perhaps in the MI6 offices themselves.

As to his character’s identity, that mystery has been solved by the Bond website James Bond Brasil (via Bleeding Cool) have posted some call sheets from the production that list Bardem’s character as “Silva,” so we can discount any rumors/speculation/hope that he was playing a new version of a classic Bond series villain like Blofeld.

Skyfall hits theaters this November.

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