SUPER TROOPERS 2 Script Is Ready To Go, Waiting On A “Legal Thing”

In terms of how quickly films go from being an idea someone has to having a script written and getting the go ahead to start production, Super Troopers 2 is not going to be getting any speeding tickets.

The sequel to comedy troupe’s 2001 break out comedy has been rumored for many years now and in December 2009, members Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme confirmed to me that they were indeed working on a script for a follow up, but that it wasn’t ready yet. A little over two years later and it finally appears that the screenplay is ready to go but there is one other detail that they have to iron out before being able to start shooting.

Heffernan and Broken Lizard member Jay Chandrasekhar told IFC the news this past weekend while at the SXSW festival in Austin to promote, The Babymakers, the group’s new film in which they star as a group of guys who help out their friend and his wife who are unable to conceive by stealing back his last remaining donation he made to a sperm bank.

“We’re hoping to make Super Troopers 2 eventually,” Chandrasekhar, who has also served a s director on a number of the group’s films, stated. “We’ve written the script and as soon as we figure out a little sort of legal thing with Fox, I think we’ll hopefully get a chance to make that.”

But even if the group’s next project isn’t Super Troopers 2, Chandrasekhar, Heffernan and Lemme, along with Broken Lizard’s other members Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske have plenty of other projects in the pipeline for fans including Freeloaders which the group is producing and which is currently in post-production.

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