Expect The Usual Pixar Easter Egg In Upcoming BRAVE

Pixar fans know that the animation studio has a tradition of sliding recurring references into their films, small little easter eggs for the eagle-eyed to spot. But don’t think that the fact that their upcoming feature Brave is set centuries ago in Scotland lead you to believe that we won’t see an appearance by Toy Story’s Pizza Planet truck. But Bleeding Cool recently had a chat with Brave director Mark Andrews who stated that it would indeed be hidden away somewhere in the film, as well as other recurring Pixar in-jokes such as the number A113 (a reference to a classroom at Pixar founder John Lasseter’s alma mater Cal Arts) and casting of their “lucky charm” John Ratzenberger.

Yes, everything is in here. Everything. All of the typical things, those little insider jokes are all in the movie. You’ve got hours and hours hours with the Blu-ray to look for them. There it is! But it’s right there, yeah.

John Ratzenberger’s Scottish accent is good, it’s not bad. He had a couple of goes at it, but he got there. he’s one of the guards in the background. His voice is in there but if you can’t pick him out we’ve done our job and nailed it.

Andrews doesn’t specifically make mention of one other PIXAR tradition, hiding a character from their next film somewhere in the current one. For example, 2001’s Monsters Inc featured a stuffed a stuffed Nemo toy on a child’s bedroom floor two years before Finding Nemo was released. Considering that PIXAR’s film scheduled for next summer is the Monsters Inc prequel Monsters University, so it should be interesting to see who or what might be lurking in the bushes in the background.

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