Rodriguez Talks MACHETE KILLS And SIN CITY 2 Scheduling

Director Robert Rodriguez always seems to be a busy fellow, so it didn’t seem to odd that he had two projects – The sequels to Sin City and Machete – prepping to shoot this spring summer. But in a story from the Hollywood Reporter, it appears as if the films are coming together so quickly, that there might be some overlap on his schedule.

Although Rodriguez worked with co-director Ethan Maniquis on the first Machete, he is hoping that for the sequel Machete Kills he’ll be able to do the entire project by himself, though that would depend on when Sin City gets scheduled to start.

Currently I am directing [Machete Kills]. But we’re checking to see if there’s going to be the need for another director if I have to go off and do Sin City. I wasn’t sure what the timing on Sin City was or if I would have to step off to do Sin City at a certain point, depending on when Machete went. But Machete looks like it’s going to go pretty quickly so it’s possible that I will direct the whole thing… But if I have to step off, I’m going to try and shoot all of the actors and all of the main sequences. But it’s such a fun movie, and it just came out even more fun than I could have imagined.

I suppose that there are some people wondering why both movies aren’t being scheduled around Rodriguez’s availability, after all he is the director for both projects. I would hazard the guess that it has something to do with working with the availability of the members of the ensemble cast for Sin City 2 more than anything else. And since Rodriguez has been trying to get the comic book adaption on to the screen for several years, he is willing to jump ship on one project, which I am sure will still continue under his very watchful eye, in order to finally get it made.

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